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Month: February 2013

Does this make me crazy?

It is frightening how much I have not forgotten. How much should be lost. It defies all logic that I still retain such vivid detail. It is a curse, and […]

The Drawbacks of Daydreaming

Why is it that we are so concerned with imagining ourselves in positions that would never happen? Why do we spend so much time simply fantasizing? Living vicariously through… nothing. […]

Strange dreams

There was a girl. She and I were in a disagreement. I did not wish to talk to her anymore, and so I fled to my home. My home. One […]

A Funny Cyber Story

Names have been changed to protect the innocent… You: i am cornhoilo i need teepee for my bunhole!!!!! Me: that’s cornholio, tp, and bunghole. You: lol You: im brian 25 […]

Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum

Welcome to the House of Horrors. If you came here expecting some profound vision on life, you’re going to be disappointed. Lately I’ve come to realize that I’m not really […]