A Funny Cyber Story

Names have been changed to protect the innocent…

You: i am cornhoilo i need teepee for my bunhole!!!!!
Me: that’s cornholio, tp, and bunghole.
You: lol
You: im brian 25 wv
You: asl
Me: 87/some of each/willing to relocate
You: ?
You: what ru talkN about
Me: the socio dynamics of post modern souls
You: o
You: ru ugly
Me: yes
You: ur
Me: ‘fraid so
You: wot do u look like
Me: i’m short, squat and missing my right eye
Me: i have pit stains and a hairy belly button
Me: oozing, pus-filled sores cover 82.3% of my body
You: do u rally look like that?
Me: indeed, i ‘rally’ do
You: no u dont
You: ur lieing
Me: suit yourself
You: do u cyber
You: hello
You: u here
Me: honestly, i dont usually cyber
Me: but im finding myself so…
Me: i dont know…
Me: aroused right now
Me: that i may not be able to control myself
You: i got a big dick
Me: undoubtedly
You: do u want 2 suck it
Me: you have no idea the things id like to do to you…
You: tell me
Me: *blush* im so shy *giggle*
Me: i wouldn’t know where to start
You: just tell me wot ur wearing
Me: a tin foil tube top, rubber knee boots and a pink feather boa
You: ?
Me: im walking towards you stealthily
Me: im smiling hungrily
Me: we join together in a juicy kiss
Me: our passion is a boundless, tumultuous fire burning wildly out of control
Me: i can’t get enough of you
You: then what
Me: oh, i thought you were supposed to say something now
You: no im listing 2 u
You: go on
Me: oh ok *giggle*
Me: um
Me: i tear off your clothes, and throw them wantonly on the floor
Me: i want you so much…im making little mewling sounds
Me: with our bodies pressed closely together, i whisper in your ear…
Me: that i want you to take me from behind
Me: just as your rigid hardness meets my velvety softness…
Me: i look over my shoulder at you…
Me: my eyes are hooded with desire…
Me: and in a husky voice…
Me: i ask you to reach around and fondle my balls
Me: hahahahaha!
Me: happy wanking, dahlink”

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