Strange dreams

There was a girl. She and I were in a disagreement. I did not wish to talk to her anymore, and so I fled to my home. My home. One of the rooms in an old hotel served as my home. I walked quickly through the corridors; she was following me. I came to a choice. The elevator, or the stairs. The elevator would undoubtedly be quicker, and I could possibly lose her by taking it. However, it was also dark and old and was propelled by a passenger pulleying oneself by a chain which hung down through a hole in the ceiling. I had always avoided this deathtrap for fear of it, but this time I decided to face my fear in exchange for escape.

I was not alone in the elevator. There was another person, an old person of no sex in general. I suppose his/her sex was not important to the dream. At any rate, this other person was slow, and thus caused my enemy to be able to catch me and board the elevator. I remained silent, refusing to speak to her, as I pulled on the chain. Up we began. But the chain broke. The elevator was plummeting down its shaft, and we were certainly to die. I yelled to the old person above the noise to hit the emergency stop button (amazingly this ancient craft had one). He/she did, but nothing happened. We were still falling dangerously. I yelled again at him/her to hit the help button, and I grabbed the phone out of the box. I was panicking as my great fears were realized, yet I did not want to die. My desire to live was greater than my fear. The person on the phone calmly advised me that we would be alright, to which I screamed back at her how could we be alright when we were falling to our deaths. It was then that I noticed we had been dropping for quite a long time for only a two story hotel. Though in our bodies we felt as though we were screaming toward earth, we must not have been. The woman on the phone advised me that the elevator was carrying a great weight of sand freight on top of it (which makes no sense in full awakeness) and that was why we were falling, because we were heavier than usual. At this point I lost my temper and told the woman that she was a complete idiot for loading an archaic elevator with sand merely to transport it one level. Didn’t she know she was risking our lives? Was she an idiot? Did she think the elevator would take it? And I hung up on her. It felt like we fell forever, all three of us cringing, waiting for the brutal final blow when the beast hit the ground with a ton of sand waiting to crush us. Though our minds tried to convince us that we must be moving extremely slowly for us not to have hit the ground yet, our bodies felt the lightness of gravity associated only with rapid descent. We finally hit the bottom, with only a slight bump and bang. I awoke before the doors were opened.

4 thoughts on “Strange dreams

    1. Honestly, no, I didn’t. She could have been anyone. Although that may have been the point, I suppose. Instead of the girl representing a “girl,” she probably represented some inner fear of mine that I’ve yet to identify. Or perhaps I’m overanalyzing…


  1. I’ve had meanings revealed to me long after as well. Sometimes the esoteric nature of the dream is the actual point, forcing us to pay more attention and consider more creative possibilities. I’ve also had dreams that were very literal. I tend to try and sit back and appreciate the dream as a whole rather than agonize over what it could mean, but sometimes you just can’t help but wonder!


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