#BlogFlash2013 Day 5: Health


Day 5: Health:

Oops, busted.  Today is very much the wrong day for this topic.  I’m drinking a Java Monster as I type this, I had a Boost protein shake for lunch, and my trip to the commissary this afternoon took forever so we had corn dogs and mandarin oranges for dinner.  Hey, it was quick and easy.  Corn dogs are one of the few things my kids will eat that is quick and easy.  They’ve gotten so used to home cooked meals (I almost always cook from scratch), that they won’t eat the stuff normal kids love.  Kraft Mac n Cheese?  No way.  Chicken nuggets?  Not unless they’re from McDonald’s.  Mine are the kids who request whole rosemary lemon chicken with mashed potatoes and broccoli for dinner.  My husband says that they are spoiled when it comes to food.  I always considered spoiled to be the kids that eat hot dogs and cookies every night because they refuse to eat anything else.  Not ones who say, “YES!  Mom’s making parmesan asparagus!”

Is making a home cooked meal really that rare in today’s world?  Am I setting my kids up for future disappointment by cooking a real dinner every night?  Well, almost every night.  There are those days when everything goes wrong, and I say, “That’s IT!  Corn dogs and oranges for dinner.  I’m done!”

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