#BlogFlash2013 Day 7: Nature


As some of you know, I grew up in New Orleans. To me, nature (at least, the enjoyable kind) is walking on a trail, feeling the warm wind like silk on the skin. Or maybe sitting in the crook of a live oak tree, swaying with the breeze… Basically, somewhere warm with majestic trees all around. Of course, there are many other ways to experience nature: the beach, a desert, etc. But when I think about the beauty of nature, the first thing that comes to mind is:


Is that not utterly and completely beautiful?  If you cross the bridge, and walk a little further, you come to:




Ah, the perfect image of my childhood.  Complete with water fountain and everything.  I can’t even guess how many hours I’ve spent sitting in a little tree elbow just like this one, trying to make it into my own little hammock.

When I am in places like this, I feel like a little girl again.  It’s easy to look up at the towering trees, or into the deepness of the sky and just be… impressed.  In places like these, the world is full of magic and wonder again.

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