#BlogFlash Day 9: Spring


Day 9: Spring

There is a distinct difference in experiencing Spring in the north vs. the south.  I grew up in the south, where the seasons changing isn’t quite as drastic.  The weather gets warmer and the flowers bloom.  It’s beautiful.  Then I moved to the north.  There, the spring was (at least for me) a whole new ball game.  Spring was no longer “Oh look how pretty that flower is.”  Instead, it became, “Oh thank God!  If I have to bear this awful cold one more second I’m going to curl up and die!”  Spring was a beacon of hope.  The gripping chill of winter had passed, and the warmth came back to the earth and my soul.  Every day that the weather got warmer, I found myself more grateful.  The smell in the air, a warm breeze, the fact that I didn’t have to wear 14 layers… The icy chill around my heart began to thaw.  I could feel my body relaxing as I no longer resented the outside world.  I made an effort to be present in nature because I knew that the warmth would again fade, and I would be confined to my home for another winter.  As much as I hated living up north (I’m just a southern girl at heart, I guess), I learned to appreciate the seasons and the cycle of the earth so much more while I was there.

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