#BlogFlash2013 Day 17: Water

Day 17: Water

It rained the entire weekend.  It rained, and it rained, and it rained.  At first I was totally jazzed.  A real thunderstorm!  After all these months stuck up north with snow and 140 straight overcast days, I wanted the thunder and lightning.  How fun!  And it was fun… for about 6 hours.  Then it was three children stuck inside with nothing to do but destroy my house.  Joy.  I had to explain to the toddler that no, he could not go outside because it was raining.  We watched a Netflix marathon, until they groaned when I even mentioned the word “movie.”  Toys were everywhere, snacks and crumbs were everywhere, things I didn’t even know would attract a child were pulled out and thrown all over.  So, after two days of rain, the sun finally came back out.  And I gave those kids the boot.  You want to splash around in the puddles and get all muddy?  FINE.  Just do it out there.  Two days of rain, and it’s going to take me five days to get my house back in order…

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