#BlogFlash2013 Day 20: Education

Day 20: Education

Whoever says that children don’t learn through play is a liar.  A big fat liar.  Today, my son caught three fish by making a “minnow trap” in the pond by our house.  Apparently, he and his friend used some discarded junk they found and rigged up a trap to catch minnows.  Today, when they went to check on it, they’d caught three!  They hauled their catch to the yard so that all the other children could see the “fishies.”  My son and his friend got to be neighborhood heroes to the younger children, and now they’re discussing ways to improve their new invention.  So… play is learning.  It’s imagining, inventing and experimenting.  And here’s a  secret:  it’s for adults too!

4 thoughts on “#BlogFlash2013 Day 20: Education

  1. I don’t have kids yet but I strongly believe that kids definitely learn through play. My mom came up with some inventive games for my brother and he was doing simple math by the time he was 3. It’s amazing because she made it fun.


  2. Let’s hope the remaining minnows aren’t, at this moment, devising a way to catch humans….!

    But yes, children (and adults) learn from experimenting.


    1. Well that would be awfully creepy! I’m sure we would deserve it, though! Fortunately for the minnow community, the boys took them back to their homeland and set them free. The joy wasn’t to mess with them, the joy was to see if they could catch them. I hope the poor minnows weren’t too traumatized, although one child did try to feed the “fishies” dried shrimp fish food. Ew…


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