//one does not simply enter NaNo unprepared

Gearing up for NaNo by reading blogs by fellow writers!

The Art of Mirriam Neal

Accceso cover

This is going to be my sixth year doing NaNo, and I’ve helped nudge quite a few victims – er, friends – into doing it with me, for the first time. This is great. Except I’m expected to give veteran advice. I did this last year, but I’ve decided the ‘Nano Newbies Preparation List’ – or the NNPL – needs an update.

• Rope yourself a NaNo buddy! Someone you can encourage and who can encourage you, someone you can share stuff with, get excited with, and get competitive with (THIS year, Kyla. This year, I’m whippin’ your hiny). Don’t have a buddy? I’d love to hear about your novel and keep you spurred on during November! You can find me HERE.

• Chris Baty, a founder of NaNoWriMo, wrote a novel for NaNoers called “No Plot, No Problem.” I have read the book. It’s highly entertaining and even…

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