9 thoughts on “Hey girl

      1. It was a great post! I always love it when someone understands how I feel in bookstores. Your writing captured those feelings exactly. There’s such a sense of wonder and hope in a bookstore. So many possibilities. Books to read. Adventures to live. Blank pages of journals to fill. When I walk through the doors, all the anxiety of life melts from my mind. For writers, especially, I think this is true. Bookstores hold our dreams. Some of us have books already on those shelves, just waiting to take each reader on a journey. Even for those who don’t, all of those published authors offer hope that someday our names will be next to theirs. Ah, the bookstore truly is my happy place.

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      2. Yes!!! Exactly!! I am so happy to have found like minds!! Thank you! I truly appreciate you taking the time to read and respond! you have made my day!! 🙂


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