Pachelbel Canon in D

thOH8OSL6OGod I love this song. My mother got married to this song (the second time). Somehow your mind just becomes clear when you hear it. You can think about the meaning of life and not get a headache. It paces your thoughts. By the time that last chord fades out, everything will be allright. The crescendos and decrescendos mimick the passing of time, reminding you that no matter what huge pile of shit you’re in now, things will change and life will move on. If ya don’t like how things are now, wait a few minutes.

And on another note… how is it that I can sound so articulate in certain conversations and yet sound completely moronic here? I’ve had plenty of conversations where the perfect phrasing just fell out of my mind onto the screen, or onto my tongue. And then I log on here, where I have plenty of time to think out opinions and thoughts, yet it comes out clumsily, with me stumbling over my own inuendos. And there it is.

A friend recently told me: “The physical world is just a thicker form of the spiritual. Truth is just an eternal hug from someone you love.” I don’t quite know what to think of the second part yet. I struggle with truth. It’s so… malleable. There’s a basic truth and an elaborate truth and detailed truth and embellished truth and skimpy truth and non truth. There are so many varieties of truth that I wonder if truth even exists.

Words. Words are the problem.

There was a time when I knew God. I stopped trying to find him with my mind, with words and theories and tangible proof. I just went out and felt God. And it was there, so crystal clear. So… divine. I need that again. To just go out and feel God.

2 thoughts on “Pachelbel Canon in D

  1. Pachabel’s Canon. A beautiful piece of music. My perfect piece is the duet from Delibes’ “Lakme”. It makes my heart constrict.
    God. I went to church with my Mother. I sang. I found God. That’s where he is for me. I sing. I’m a singer. It’s mostly effortless. I open my mouth and this sound comes out and I stand amazed. I am so grateful for this gift. It warms and gentles me and feels like honey. It’s God. I found him in a song.


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