Slow Drag

slowdragNothin to me
Nothin to me
Nothin to me
No more

Yeah that must be it.

Once upon a time, I asked, “Which way to the top?” knowing that sooner or later it would be better than it was. I’d get that warm fuzzy feeling I had back in the g.o.d before I was damaged goods, before I met charlie the methadone man and went out of my head, running past the fire escape, down nowhere road in sweetwater, texas. Will I ever find The Way again?

How’s that for a fucking tribute?

Anonymous tributes. Unheard pleas, thoughts of resentment, fear, pain, regret. Mostly regret. But who will hear? No one will hear for the worlds drift apart slowly. He who has ears to hear. But the ears are pointed elsewhere. They are never aware of the words desperately being flung in their direction.

“Sometimes I feel
Like I am drunk behind the wheel
The wheel of possibility
However it may roll
Give it a spin
See if you can somehow factor in
You know there’s always more than one way
To say exactly what you mean to say
Was I out of my head? Was I out of my mind?
How could I have ever been so blind?
I was waiting for an indication
It was hard to find
Don’t matter what I say only what I do
I never mean to do bad things to you
So quiet but I finally woke up
If you’re sad then it’s time you spoke up too”
~ Tony Scalzo

Who needs drugs when this shit’s in my head all the time?

Originally posted January 5, 2004

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