Been writing a lot more lately, in more ways than one. Sometimes I forget. It can take something catastrophic or even just a tiny thing to get me on the right track again.

Feeling exhausted. I got to relax too much during break or something. Now, back in classes and at work seems so… daunting. It’s like I have to drag myself to do everything. Taking my books out of the car this morning was almost not worth it. Plus it’s ass-cold out there which doesn’t really help. I just want to curl up into a ball and hibernate. But no, I have work in like 7 minutes… forcing down lunch…

On the good side, I got some great motivation last night. I’ve already been keeping up with my writing much better than before, but this guy… wow. He made me remember what my world is about. What my eyes can see, what they used to see. Dulled by life experiences I am no longer. But anyway… as much as I’d prefer to stay here and bounce around phrases and dialogue in my head all day, the pre-schoolers await a good lesson on the letter Mm. Sigh.

Originally posted January 9, 2004

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