Raindrops of the Mind

– The rain spatters on the road. I can hear it from the bed as it coerces me from slumber. It is dripping… from eaves and trees alike. Realizing that I don’t want this moment to pass me by, I rise. It is cold, so I grab a blanket. And curl up in the bay window to watch the drops –

Wow. Who knew my life would ever end up interesting? Well, actually, quite a few people knew that. Snort. It’s amazing, to me, how time can play tricks on you. Seems as though some things happened only yesterday. And yet, so much time has passed. So very much has happened in this past year. It seems impossible to cover it all. So I won’t even try. Things are just… different. Life is less prancing and wandering and more focused and driven. I don’t mind the wandering, though, as most ingenious thoughts occur there, however there comes a time to put those ideas into motion and that’s where the driven part comes into play. So, it seems the dance of everyone around me is finding what they truly want and dropping all the petty things to achieve what they have deemed actually important.
I’ve decided to return to my elements. Unmistakably, there are things which I am. There is no running from it, as they’ve always been inside me and inside me they shall remain. I cannot change it, I cannot sway it. I can only hope to do something with it, instead of spending my life explaining to myself why I didn’t even try. All the logical reasons, and better things to do. They won’t mean crap when I’m eighty and realize that I never seriously did what I love to do. I copped out for something safer, more secure. And that I am still doing, in a way. But not at the expense of what I love. I can have both, if I will work at it. And so I shall.


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