International humour competition


Mark Twain houseIn honour of the man beloved by quotation compilers, Mark Twain House and Musuem are running the third annual writing competition. You don’t have to write in the style of Mark Twain in fact I get the impression from the rules that would be frowned upon. But you do have to be funny. Laugh out Loud funny

You can submit up to 7,000 words (which is a generous word count) plus “Previously published work is acceptable” (which is highly unusual). But they do add that it can’t have already won an award for humorous writing.

Deadline  July 10, 2016 Winners will be notfied by September 12, 2016.

Children and young people are encouraged to enter. There are two age categories: 17 and under and 18 and over

$23 for adult entries and £13 for 17 and below.
Converting the adult fee, that’s just under £16 in sterling, about…

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