How I became a groupie on LJ

Oh my God. I just found the coolest journal in the rockin world. An excerpt:

Him: Can I call you sometime?

(what I thought: Let’s stay right here, just like this forever. Let’s not waste time on the phone. Let’s [um…you should really be over 18 to read the rest of my thoughts])

What I said: No.
Him: No?
Me: You’re just collecting phone numbers. You’re not the type to actually call. So no, you may not call me sometime.

(he laughed, and a great laugh it was)

Him: You’re probably right. Is your hair always blue?

(my hair isn’t totally blue. I just have three locks of hair colored blue, sort of interwoven)

(I looked at him incredulously, and was slightly disappointed he asked such a stupid question)

Me: Yes, being half smurf, I was born this way.

(he flashed those adorable dimples at me again, and flushed slightly! How cute is that?!)

Him: Sorry, it’s just that we’re about done here and that means you’re going to leave. I would have liked to talk to you again, but you pretty much closed the door on that. I guess I’m just making small talk now. Pathetic?

Me: It’s only pathetic if you’re not creative enough to come up with another way of talking to me again. I said no phone calls. I didn’t say you couldn’t think of something else.

(more dimpled smiles, his eyes flashed…swoon!)

Him: Let me give you the address of the place my band will be playing Saturday. Normally, I’d be playing with them, but I’m taking the weekend off. It was my birthday last weekend and I ended up playing for that. So I’m gonna party this weekend.

Holy fucking christ. Let’s recap. He’s a musician. His birthday was last weekend. It’s October. He’s a libra! A libran musician! SCREAM!!! They are coming outta the fucking woodwork. SCREAM again!

I won’t go.
Well, maybe I could stop in for a little while.
As long as he doesn’t touch me everything should be fine.
I shouldn’t go.
I definitely shouldn’t go.
I should reeaaaaally stay away.

…but the flesh is SO weak. So very, very weak…

and I am a bad, bad girl.

Is that not the coolest shiznit on earth? I am officially a groupie ofthis chick. How did she meet this guy? She stopped at a rest area and saw a note on a car asking for gas bc the person had no money. So she drives to the next gas station, brings back gas for the guy (who she hasn’t even seen yet), almost gets killed by his monstrous dog who was by chance protecting her from a rattlesnake she never even saw. It’s insanity. I’m hooked.

Originally posted October 26, 2002

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