Take a Sip of Wine and Get Over It

I really don’t feel like writing today. I’m not really sure what the issue is… I’m just bleh about the idea of putting words on paper. Technically the point of the whole #my500words thing is to force a person to do just that, I guess. So bleh, whine, cry, boo-hoo, take a sip of wine and get over it.

Alright I feel slightly better now. Today’s been a day full of I-dont-want-tos. My 7 year old pestered me for an hour to take him to the Dollar Store. I eventually caved. Then I had to take a kid (who wasn’t even mine) to the Emergency Room. Yeah, that was fun. One of my daughter’s friends is 19 and trying to make a go at life as an independent adult. He’s been having these upper abdominal pains for a few months, and I kept telling him that he needed to go to the doctor. Of course, the kid has no insurance… and no car. It was really bad today, and he asked if I would take him to the E.R. So we go. On the way there, I ask him (and his girlfriend, who went with us) if either of them knew how to even go to the E.R. They were both like, “Uhhhhh… no. We have no idea how to do this.” Hashtag adulting. I proceeded to explain to them how to check in, get registered, fill out paperwork, and what to expect in triage and the room. Good grief.

My little mommy heart was tempted to stay with him and make sure that he got in alright and asked the right questions of the doctor, but I resisted. They have to grow up some time. And, these were not even my kids. So I dropped them off with a wave and wished them luck. It turns out, he has gallstones. A few hours later, I picked them back up. He had a pamphlet on biliary colic and two prescriptions. He’s high as a kite off of the Tylenol with codeine they gave him in the E.R.

Guess what? Neither of them knew how to get prescriptions filled. Lord help me. I went with him into the pharmacy, partially to help him figure it out and partially because he was so messed up he’d probably forget where he was. I tutored him in prescription filling (which he won’t remember once his meds wear off). It took him about 5 minutes to figure out how to sign his name for the privacy statement. Fortunately, neither prescription was very expensive, but it took three explanations to get him to figure out how many times a day he was supposed to take each one. Even though it’s printed on the bottle.

Back in the car we go, and at this point I’m like Jesus just let me get home, there’s a bottle of wine with my name on it. Which brings us to now. I’m sitting on my back porch with my blessed glass of wine, listening to my neighbors jam out. And I have Oreo fudge-dipped mini thins, which I discovered today are the best food on the planet.

So, that was my day. How was yours?

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