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I am called Yet I cannot follow I am chastized Yet I cannot obey The fear has kept me well I have imprisoned myself With the fear of your confrontation […]

I Killed Her

I killed her. I don’t know why. She made me angry, I guess. But she made me angry every day. Why was it this day that I picked up the […]

Q and A: I Killed Her

Q: What made you want to write a story about disposing a body? A: Honestly it just started as simple speculation. Last year, a friend of mine did something really […]

The Loss of Mourning

In the vast beyond Of the ravenous night There’s a floating mirror To reflect moonlight As she rises above To hang in the sky Gazing at the earth A tear […]

Lamentations D:1:3

It’s sad the lives we lead. I mean, truly. What the hell do we think we’re doing anyway? Putzing around, pretending to be important. Trying to do things that we […]

Wounded Minnows

Wow, I just found this gem of confusion. Fortunately, I still remember what all of it means. You, poor reader, will think I took some sort of drug before writing […]

Take a Sip of Wine and Get Over It

I really don’t feel like writing today. I’m not really sure what the issue is… I’m just bleh about the idea of putting words on paper. Technically the point of […]


If at first you don’t succeed… Go for Round 2. So here we are. Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of writing challenges. Word sprints, blogging challenges, NaNoWriMo, flash fiction… […]

My 500 Words

I love writing challenges.  I love the feeling of embarking on a new project, with new goals and hopes.  I am not so great at following through.  This one, though, […]

How I became a groupie on LJ

Oh my God. I just found the coolest journal in the rockin world. An excerpt: Him: Can I call you sometime? (what I thought: Let’s stay right here, just like […]


(Logo illustration courtesy of Vanessa Henderson (@VR_Henderson)     When I finished my first manuscript, I scoured the internet looking for examples of successful qu… Source: QUITE THE QUERY

Baring My Writer’s Soul – Part 16

Writers are an odd lot. We’d be the first to admit it. Writer’s post things like “That moment when you finish a book, look around, and realize that everyone is […]

Three’s a Crowd

Two words that are similar are enough to drive this writer crazy, but when there are three that actually give me pause concerning spelling, definition, and usage, well, that’s when […]

Consequence and To Kill A Mockingbird

I read To Kill A Mockingbird today. It’s been a long time since I read it last. It was interesting to read it again with a different life perspective. I’ve […]