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Tag: poetry

An Original from Writalla ’98

I see you in the distance Like a fire burning bright I want you but I can’t have you ‘Cause you are hers tonight Though you belong to someone else […]

Day Turned Into Night

    The sun would be our guide but day turned into night.     How long has it been since I wrote that piece? Years. Years since the days […]

Gaze of the Endless Mirror

Please don’t patronize me with Old village phrases and Expressions of the passing of Time Reading your face proves impossible For you only gaze back with endless mirrors  

Words Are Falling

Words are falling all around me But yet I cannot pick out the right ones To tell you how I feel It’s all a blur I can’t see through To […]

Slow Drag

Nothin to me Nothin to me Nothin to me No more Yeah that must be it. Once upon a time, I asked, “Which way to the top?” knowing that sooner […]


I am a constant reaction. It seems everything I do is a reaction to something else. I feel like I have no control. I’m steering, but I’m so busy avoiding […]

#BlogFlash2013 Day 12: Music

Day 12: Music Simmering In my mind The stories That cannot be told Aching To burst free The notes Begin to unfold Curling together Lyric and song Harmonious beauty Feels […]

More Old Poetry

… that I wrote in April 2004: You burn a hole in my brain Effortlessly shattering through My protection of bone To the flesh beneath And there you’ve stopped Resting […]

Old Poetry

I wrote it in March of 2004: I am called Yet I cannot follow I am chastised Yet I cannot obey The fear has kept me well I have imprisoned […]